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Nothing in fashion and style remains constant. It changes, changes and changes into something new, something unique and something different. Crop tops, high waisted shorts/pants, asymmetrical dresses/skirts maybe in today’s trend but may not be the next year or in the future. Fashion and style has its own twists and turns from shorts, skirts, shirts, blouses, dresses, gowns and many more. Both men and women are fashionable in nature however we cannot deny the fact that women’s fashion have had the ultimate and extreme changes through the centuries since they always wanted to be beautiful, to look fabulous and sexy. Yes, majority of women especially in today’s highly advanced society are very obsessed with fashion and style.

Prom is one of the most memorable events in a woman’s life where we can see fashionable young ladies wearing different styles of prom dresses and gowns. However, the style and fashion sense have changed a lot all throughout the years. Each generation from 1930’s up to present has its own idea and trend of what is fashion and style. Learning those prom dresses styles that are influenced by past trends or even by world events such as war and economy are so interesting. The dresses are unique depending on the era that they were made.


Majority of the dresses during 1930’s such as cocktails and evening dresses were inspired from Egyptian and Greek gods and goddesses. These dresses were long, sexy yet classy whether they are long sleeves, short sleeves or sleeveless and the curves of a woman’s body were formed/shown as the light fabric flows smoothly.


Fashion during this era were simple especially the dresses because fabric restrictions were imposed due to the war and there was no enough money to buy materials/fabrics. But this wasn’t a hindrance for stylish women those times. Most of the dresses were fitting with short sleeves or sleeveless.


1950’s dresses like prom dresses styles are known as princess/ball gown styles in our present generation. Unlike 1940’s with so much simplicity, the dresses in this era were attractive, colorful and ornamental. It has big skirts with layers of tulle, knee-length or below the knee.


A similar dress style from the 1950’s except that the skirts were shorter or above the knee.


1970’s prom dresses were influenced by disco thus, it is more casual compared to the previous eras. Pastel colors and sequins were both popular during this time.


Metallic colors are popular during 1980’s. Most dresses has big puffy sleeves, sequins and raffles.


There were many styles of dresses during 1990’s however, most of it were off-shoulders and fitted waistline.

2000 (present)

At present, there are a wide selection of prom dresses available. With different styles from long gowns/dresses, strapless, mermaid cut, ball gowns, short/mini dresses, asymmetrical, halter, long sleeves and many a lot more.

As time and people change, styles and fashion also changes as well as its price. These dresses just keep on changing depending on what kind of generation they’re in. But one thing will remain unchanged, promenade/prom will always be exciting and memorable for both young men and women. For more info on the best places to purchase dresses online check out Fame and Partners.

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